Our Values

Our Values

DSM Assessment & Training  was born out of a desire to promote a love of learning, growth, development, for individuals and organisation.  Working internationally we have been priveledge to  work with a range of organisations to assist them in meeting their learning needs. 

In a fast moving information and knowledge age, our learning and development activities must keep a pace with trends.    Our learning solutions must evolve, and reflect such advances, for businesses to keep a pace, and for professionals to maintain the relevancy of their skills.

Individual growth  and development is seen as key to improved business performance and success.  Our solutions are focussed on the holistic development of individuals with solutions that tackle a range of issues.

Our mission is quite simply ‘Developing today for tomorrow’, we are forward thinking, anticipating the learning and development needs of organisations and professionals.

We look at creative solutions to your business needs, which incorporates flexible and customisable tools,  unique to your business objectives. 

Tools that include:

Ø  Executive coaching

Ø  Robust psychometric proflining

Ø  360 degree feedback and assessments

Ø  E-learning solutions

Ø  Accreditation of in house programmes

We seek to Develop People – investments in learning that pinpoints and addresses the learning and development needs of the individual is paramount.

Lead Innovation – analysis of the changing trends in the learning and development industry and being responsive to the demands of a changing landscape, requires a creative approach to deliver solutions that are relevant and flexible.

Promoting Quality – We recognise that with an increasingly discerning clientele that quality is an essential component of what we can offer. As a ISO9001 and Matrix accredited provider we adhere and promote quality as standard.

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