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What Can Our Workshops Do For You?

We have a range of courses to suit all your needs, from Building resilience to Management First Steps, theres something for everyone.


Coaching Skills for Managers

 10th-11th September 2018
Cost- £950 - Including Vat

Coaching is an excellent tool, when used well to develop and empower your staff.....

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International Young Leaders Development Programme

November 12th-23rd November 2018 
Cost- £1300 - Including Vat

Inviting the potential leaders of tomorrow for an ILM Accredited intensive development programme that explores leadership essentials....

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From Management To Leadership

1st - 3rd october - 2018 
Cost- £2,000- Including Vat

This programme explores the differences between management roles and leadership roles, preparing delegates to move into or develop their executive skills.

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Management First Steps

September 19th -21st  2018
Cost- £1,600 - Including Vat

Moving into management can be seen as a challenging step up in your career, a means of recognizing your competence...

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Leading Change and Innovation

January 22nd-24th  2019
Cost- £1,600- Including Vat

Change is an integral feature of business life, successful businesses need to be agile enough to evolve, change and respond to challenges...

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Talent Management

October 2nd 2018
Cost- £1800 - Including Vat

High performing organisations understand that they are only as good as their people, investing in a talent management strategy is essential......

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Building Resilient Teams - Building High Performing Teams

December 4th-6th – 2018
Cost- £1,600 - Including Vat

Mangers and leaders are challenged to address the issues of team performance and focus considerable efforts...

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Building Resilience

October 04- 2018
Cost- £350.00 - Including Vat

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to remain calm in the face of highly stressful situations without falling apart?

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

November 07-08 -2018
Cost- £950 - Including Vat

According to Daniel Goleman,  psychologist who popularized the term “emotional intelligence”, is a characteristic that is common...

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