Coaching Skills for Managers


2 day - Intensive Coaching Skills Development Programme                       

Increasingly coaching skills are a necessary skill set for successful managers and leaders who want to be able to develop the potential of  their staff.  Coaching skills are essential in developing a culture of growth, development and training within teams and organisations.               

10th-11th September 2018            

Cost- £950                       

Coaching Skills for Managers

“Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance.  It is helping them to learn rather than teaching then"

Coaching Skills for Managers


Coaching Skills for Managers provides a unique forum for exploring the concept of coaching, the development of coaching skills, and its practical implementation in a work context, in an interactive manner.

Who should attend?

•Anyone who is interested in coaching and developing their skills  or who would like to set up as an independent Coach          

7 Benefits of Developing Coaching Skills

• Coaching skills provide an extra dimension to your management and leadership skills that contribute to building your team

• Research indicate that managers that adopt coaching approach are more effective in their role, and gain more commitment from their staff for team and organisational goals

•Coaching increases staff engagement,  improves performance  and creates a more motivated workforce

• Using coaching skills demonstrates a commitment to staff development and training

• Provides for more opportunities for goal orientated action

• Develops improved communication amongst staff and organisation

• Able to identify high potential individuals and development opportunities


Programme Breakdown  

Day 1 - Coaching as a tool for Development

It is important to differentiate coaching from other tools of support and development, and so an exploration of what coaching actually is uncovered.  This programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills to get the very best from your team.  It is equally applicable to those who want to establish themselves as a professional coach.  It is widely recognised that coaching is an effective tool to empower your staff, management performance and retain talent within your organisation. 

This programme is designed to support the development of coaching skills and techniques in order to help individuals and teams achieve their objectives. 

    • What is coaching? How does it differ from ‘managing' or counselling? What coaching is and isn't.
    • Principles of coaching; contracting, practices, values, trust and confidentiality agreements
    • The coaching cycle, the coaching process from start to finish of the programme and the coaching process of each session.
    • The GROW Model, a simple model to help define the objectives of the person you are coaching.
    • The first coaching session and ensuring the coaching environment is right, building rapport, listening, setting objectives, questioning not directing.
    • The coaching toolkit, questioning techniques; coaching models and methods;
    • Managing problems and conflict, developing and using transactional communication patterns.
    • Developing a coaching culture
    • The benefits of a coaching culture 

Day 2 - Coaching Toolkit

Effective coaching is about building your skills, to ascertain what strategy should be used in a variety of contexts.  Through role-play activities, and case studies a thorough exploration of the skills required during coaching sessions will be examined, with practical interactive exercises. 

You will begin to evaluate your developing coaching skills and build an action plan for future development and ways in which to build the skills practice that you need 

Optional Formal Certification and Accreditation of Training

This course is linked to the ILM Level  3 & 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentioring. ILM offers Europe’s broadest portfolio of leadership, management, coaching and mentoring professional qualifications, with international recognition. ILM qualifications allow executives to work towards qualifications that are relevant to their business/organisations and context. This qualification not only offers credit transfers towards MBA degree,  recognized by top UK universities.

In order to obtain this prestigious and highly recognised qualification, you will need to complete a written assessment that reviews your leadership style and competencies, in addition to attending the five training days.

Should you require this option you will be allocated an e-coach who will work with you to ensure that you are able to successfully complete the written assessment.

This qualification route is optional, and is subject to additional registration fees.

Programme Features – non accredited option

• Lunch, and all refreshments 

• Expert Leadership and Management trainers/facilitators on training days

• Comprehensive course materials

• Certificate of attendance

Programme Features – Accredited Qualification Option

• Lunch, and all refreshments 

• Expert Leadership and Management trainers/facilitators on training days

• Comprehensive course materials

• Access to Online e-resources

• ILM Registration and certification

• ILM Leadership and management membership

• E-coaching – (assignment support)

We can deliver this programme in-company, and customise according to your needs.

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