Leading Change & Innovation

Why is change important?

Change is an integral feature of business life, successful businesses need to be agile enough to evolve, change and respond to challenges of many varieties. Businesses who are entrenched and rigid in structure are often times, more resistant to change and consequently less able to cope with volatility, uncertainty, complexities and ambiguity.

January 22nd-24th  - 2019

Cost- £1,600- Including Vat

Leading Change & Innovation

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek “– Barack Obama

Leading Change & Innovation

Change is therefore important for a number of reasons:

• Identify and capitalize growth opportunities

• Responsive to customer needs/demands and changes in consumer behavior

• Keep a pace with sector technological advances

• Nagivate economic, social and political challenges/crisis

• As part of promoting operation excellence and quality management

As Jack Welch former CEO of GE “Change before you have to”

Innovation and change are critical challenges in today’s workplace. Innovation and change can make the difference between success and failure.   Most students of leadership and management are familiar with the much used case study of Nokia as an example of an industry leader, that failed to committed to change in a strategic decisive manner, as a result suffering cuts in market share etc.  We are familiar with this, the challenge of leaders and managers in a range of sectors across the globe is the importance of keeping the balance between awareness of changes, pushing new ideas and innovation and the issues that arise as a result of challenging existing ways of working.

Change and innovation – means disruption, changes in organisational culture equilibrium, change therefore is often met with resistance.

Why Attend?

The Leading Innovation & Change programme increases participants understanding of the key processes of innovation and change.

 It introduces strategies to overcome the challenges of introducing and sustaining change.

You will understand growth frameworks and be able to confidently apply them to your organisation, with an increased appreciation of opportunities for promoting innovation.

You will gain insights into actions you personally can take to explore and drive growth initiatives.

You will also be armed with tips, tools and strategies to promote an innovative culture within your organisation.

This programme includes hands-on practical exercises which directly relate to actual situations today’s leaders face on daily basis. You will be  uncovering the latest tools for leaders to manage change and innovation in their organisations effectively.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for Leaders, managers, directors and others who are responsible for implementing change in their organisation, or those who want to understand the mechanisms of change in organisations.

Key Benefits

• Develop an action plan to become a champion for change and innovation within your organisation

• Identify simulated training scenarios with actual leadership challenges, which can be explored with delegates from a wide range of business contexts

• Tools for critical thinking and problem solving

• Network with delegates from a range of sectors and countries

• Establish a leadership style that fosters people engagement

• Transform team conflicts into development opportunities

• Establish change implementation plans for your organisations that will motivate teams attributes

• Understand processes for encouraging innovation and releasing new ways of working with your team and organisation.

Day 1 – The innovation challenge

  • What is innovation/change? Why is it important to organisations?  Theories of Change and innovation. 
  • Evaluation of techniques to generate ideas for innovation.
  • Involving team in generating innovative ideas
  • Establishing criteria for testing innovation/improvement ideas/ assessing fitness for purpose
  • Benefits of innovation to an organisation; -
  • Assessing the value/risks of change and innovation
  • Tools and strategies to generate innovative responses to business problems and opportunities
  • Use different tools and strategies at different times to yield better result
  • Introduction to De Bono and Buzan – creative thinking techniques and application to own work situations
  • Apply different types of thinking for improved analysis and problem solving

Day 2 - Becoming an Agent for Change

  • Why change is important to a business/ Consequence of not changing
  • Exploring the stimulus for innovation and change management within an organization
  • The role of manager/internal and external stakeholders in change management
  • Change management models – Kotter/the change curve/lewin
  • Establishing a clear need for intervention - a case for change
  • Setting clear objectives - what you want to achieve from the investment 
  • Considering a wide range of potential solutions - ensuring an optimal balance of benefits, cost and risk

Day 3 – Psychology of Change and Resistance

  •           Managing responses to change
  • Psychology and motivation of change
  • Determining the impact of change
  • Supporting and preparing for impending changes
  • Managing others through changes in your workplace
  • Getting buy-in; dealing with resistance
  • Managing your organisation through difficult changes
  • Implementing Change 
  • Developing a change management strategy including contingency planning, assessing business risks, monitoring and evaluation procedures, roles and responsibility of team.

Our workshops are…….Engaging,  Relevant and Practical

Our Experienced and expert leadership and management consultants, ensure that workshops/seminars are facilitated in an engaging and interactive manner.  Industry specialist they are committed to excellence.   With experience of delivery training to executives at all levels  both in the UK and internationally you will benefit from their  substantial breath of experience.  This wealth of knowledge and experience will enhance your training experience, regardless of business context or sector.

Programme Features

• Lunch, Coffee Breaks, refreshments

• Course materials/handbook

• Expert leadership facilitator/speakers

• Post course - Personal Development Plan


“I feel really equipped to implement a change initiative in my organisation”
Senior Executive – The Sultan Center

“An excellent programme that gives the tools and strategies, I feel more confident about approaching change within my department”
Manager - Doha Bank

“A very great course, really good tools to use”
Manager – Elm Company Saudi Arabia

We can deliver  this programme in-company, and customise according to your needs.

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