Leading with Emotional Intelligence

According to Daniel Goleman, psychologist who popularized the term “emotional intelligence”, is a characteristic that is common to highly effective people.

November 07-08 -2018 - Cost- £950 - Including Vat

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has 5 key component; self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills, that are the hallmarks of the individual who is able to harness the emotional brain to competitive advantage. 

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Such characteristics may appear “unbusiness” like, however Goleman’s work emphaises its application to business life.  In fact compelling and growing research data actually reinforces the link between emotional intelligence and its impact on measureable business performance. No wonder that emotional intelligence is seen as a key area for leadership and management development, with an emphasis on building emotionally intelligent individuals, teams and organisations.

The programme explores the concept of emotional intelligences as it relates to business performance and professional effectiveness.  

Focussing on key EI tools and techniques applicable in everyday work situations to improve your effectiveness

Day 1 –Assessing your EQ

  • What is Emotional Intelligence - How your brain works
  • Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Outlining the core EI competencies
  • The benefits of becoming a more Emotionally Intelligent manager
  • Assessing your own EI
  • A framework to develop EI leadership competencies
  • Understanding your emotional responses and their impact on others
  • Understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses

Day 2 - The Self-aware Manager – How to build your emotional intelligence

  • The Self-managed Manager – How to manage pressure and strong emotions
  • The benefits of managing and controlling your emotions
  • Staying focused and calm under pressure
  • Managing anger, fear and sadness constructively
  • Self-motivation to achieve goals
  • The Socially Aware Manager – How to engage, empathise and build rapport
  • Understanding and empathising with others
  • Building rapport with a broad range of people
  • Managing and engaging emotions within your team
  • Building Relationships – Handling conflict, coaching and feedback situations
  • Building and managing internal and external relationships
  • Managing conflicts with others – including feedback and difficult conversations
  • Developing others using emotional coaching
  • E.I tools and strategies

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Programme Features

• Lunch, Coffee Breaks, refreshments

• Expert leadership facilitator/speakers

• Post course - Personal Development Plan

We can deliver  this programme in-company, and customise according to your needs.

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